eyes of earth 
jumbles of wire 
reaching out 
for brothers,

Moments of passion
same one 
dragging man thru the dirt
pray in morning 
for spirit stay true

tucked in
star curtain
in patience
faith in 
faith in
mycelian network
that transports nutrient 
thru ecosystem
from burdock 
to garlic mustard
to the false hyacinth with 
cloudy lavender petals
drowsy gods
with golden tongues
from west blvd cudell
to the 34th platform
to the quaking aspen
& the sleeping ghost
is wrapped in newspaper again
nested below the awning

It's a timeless charade
assume distinction
through those daunting hours 
& follow stage directions 
back where you came from

the old guys on the bus 
ancient travelers
reconstructed atoms 
trembling giants
singing the groans 
of our mother

she gives me
these bones of driftwood
cardiovascular wound up in cobweb
& blood thick as shilajit
skin frayed corn husk
hair knotty wands of grape vine
a perpetual work towards balance 
& this life of entropy-
dig up
queen annes lace
out in the north yard 
for the last son
blue strips 
in the secret garden
for the next one 

& what of my kin
where did 
that distance sprout?
so cold
back then
can only say
what was it 
about being young
that turned us so metallic


I'm meant to be 
part of the soil
no no no
I'm no potted plant
set aside to sulk

in the lonely illusion
of terracota chamber


I want 
to sing