Pumpkin Days I

I started wearing a pumpkin on my head
It was hard to fall asleep
so the days got longer 
walk with palms to the world
show my neck 
hope somebody will come by & try something
know that they won’t

A guy at the bus stop
tells me he’s got a job for me
if I need work 


The next day
we meet at the lake 
& skip stones
with the rain coming down

He throws one that you’d have to say got 14 or 15 hops in it 
I throw one so hard it tears the lake in half 
& puts all the rain back to wherever it came from in the first place


he says ok
you’re the boss


I pay him $5

He says that’s less than minimum wage

The pumpkin & my head hang loose towards the earth, 
where they both wanted to be anyway