Chicory I

god shine 
like blue flowers
line the streets 
‘round my house
god shine 
through my old friend
with flowers
on her wrist


we stuff 
a bag with flowers
down by the river
like petty thieves
on gold rush
god drips 
lapis lazuli 
from azure petals
for thieves in June

I have to remind myself
that I’m still young
maybe I’ll find 
an honest route 
The closest 
I’ve ever been 
was pockets full of lapis


god shine 
like albizia flowers 
at end of the alley
gather what I can 
for the spirit
god dip 
me in shadow
this year
but stubborn as ever
(especially with you)


may never learn
to sing
as the poets 
of form
but I can hear the river now 
I can watch 
light dance 
reflected unto you
(we must
let it be enough)

god shine
on me
when have
I ever wanted more
than counting flowers
in the halls of eternals
where man
‘aint god
 no more
you show me
how to use petal
to bind wound
goldenrod saves my stomach 
one afternoon 
lying on the floor
in front room
of the old house
neither petal nor root
save my heart 
god knock 
wind out of me
this year
try to keep 
legs from buckling
gets harder with heat
to play it cool
(especially with you)
like blue flowers shine