All my transient charms

All the charms 
That have shielded us 
The Citrine chunks, Lapis Lazuli carved into special shapes, 
odd coins from places that never were, 
bent metals, torn fabric, 
folded pieces of paper, timid notes,
photographs, dice, obelisks 

The statues of gods 
With their eyes forever guarded 
From our sins  
All the vajra that have known 
More valiant hands than these
All the beads 
worn with more merit 

O- the thunder bolt in breast pocket 
When my pursuers come
O- the armor that hang from my neck 
All the stolen artifacts
That kept this vessel turning

All the faith
In pulling the kata back from your eyes 
& kneeling down 
to surrender

all my charms
are spilling out of pocket
& blood
of the discarded 
small puddles infinite
on laminate wood flooring

get the knife
out your hand
there ain't nothing here for you