Pears from Belgium

Pears from Belgium
cold teeth

7.6 billion humans 
that’s 7.6 with nine zeros 

have a dream about a hallway 
all the doors 
have something to look at behind them
maybe old friends
somebody loved
who knows
spend the whole time
in the hallway 
where you
think about a rock drifting slowly to the bottom of the ocean 


7.6 with nine zeros on a rock 
drifting slowly to the bottom of the ocean
like the ocean is an onion 
with layers offering some resistance at first
then thinning under weight
until being passed to the next 


The car is cold 
but it feels like 
a friend 
for some reason,

Pears from Belgium 
in the back seat


7.6 with nine zeros 
and I’m alone 
in a car 
that feels like a friend


[did some scribe 
of meticulous demeanor
write your fortune down 
you & the other 
7.6 nine zero?
think they had
a bone to pick
with me]